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You don't stay in the auto repair business for over 60 years without earning the trust and respect of our loyal Akron customers. Every vehicle that comes into our door for service or repair is treated like it's our own. Our ultimate goal is customer service. We will throughly inspect your vehicle, correctly diagnose the automotive problem and offer a FREE estimate. We do not perform any repair service until you fully understand what the issue is, the nature of the work that is going to be performed, and the total cost of work.


Local Auto Repair Akron

General Automotive Repair/Factory Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicles need on-going general maintenance routinely performed to keep you going and to help keep small automotive problems from becoming costly automotive problems. The certified mechanics at Richard's Garage will take the time and care when making these repairs and let you know if larger problems are on the horizon.


Repair services include:

Oil Change, Lube, and Filter

Wheel Bearing Repacking

Air Filter Inspection/Replacement

Battery Inspection/Replacement

Serpentine Belt Inspection/Replacement

Radiator Coolant System Inspection/Replacement


We will perform auto repair services based on the manufacturer's recommended intervals or if you have an immediate need for automotive repair service.

Local Automotive Electrical Diagnostics and Testing Akron

Automotive Electrical Diagnostics

The automotive electrical system is a vital component for any modern day car or truck. The vehicle's computer, the starter motor, interior/exterior lighting, and various relays and switches all need the system functioning properly. The mechanics at Richard's Garage know how to diagnose and repair the electrical system problems in your car.


Automotive electrical services include:

Battery Inspection/Replacement

Spark Plugs and Wires Replacement

Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement

Starter Replacement

Alternator Service and Repair

Automotive Computer & Sensor Diagnostics


A number of problems, that may seem mechanical, can in fact be caused by faulty electrical wires, faulty connections, or low voltage. If you are experiencing electrical oddities with your vehicle, contact us for an automotive electrical diagnostics test today.

Local Automotive Drivetrain Repair Akron

Drivetrain Repair Services

Local 4x4 Truck Repair Specialist AkronWe are Akron's premier four wheel drive (4x4) diagnostics and repair specialist. If you are having problems getting your truck to lock into 4 wheel drive bring it in and we will analyze the issue and can isolate problems in the transmission and transfer case. Then provide you a cost effective solution to get you back on the road.

Local Brake Service and Repair Akron

Brake Service and Repair

The various brake components wear at different rates so it's important to have your car's braking system inspected regularly to ensure safety. If your anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light is on, our ASE trained techs will diagnose the trouble codes and evaluate the repairs needed to the ABS system.


Brake repair service include:

Brake Pad or Brake Shoes Inspection/Repair

Brake Drums or Brake Rotor Inspection/Repair

Brake Caliper Inspection/Repair

Brake Master Cylinder Inspection/Repair

Brake Lines/Hose Inspection/Repair

Parking Brake Inspection/Repair


No matter if it's replacing brake pads, turning rotors, or a complete brake job - Richard's Garage will inspect and replace the brake parts that you need.

Local Automotive Cooling System Service and Repair Akron

Automotive Cooling System Services

Common problems with your car or truck's cooling system vary from the engine overheating (or staying too cold), to coolant/anti-freeze leaks, to not having heat or defrost inside your vehicle's cabin. The mechanics at Richard's Garage know how to diagnose and repair the cooling system problems in your car.


Cooling system repair services include:

Radiator Inspection/Repair

Radiator Flush and Fill

Radiator Replacement

Thermostat Inspection/Repair

Water Pump Inspection/Repair

Heater Core Inspection/Repair


Local Automotive Steering and Suspension Repair Services Akron

Steering and Suspension Repair Services

Keeping your steering and suspension in tip top shape helps keep your car or truck running optimally. It will also help you save money by eliminating premature tire wear. Bring you vehicle in if you're experiencing issues with:


Steering/Suspension services include:

Wheel Alignment

Rack and Pinion Steering Replacement

Tie Rod Ends Inspection/Repair

Ball Joints Inspection/Repair

Idler Arms and Pitman Arms Inspection/Repair

Track Control Arms Inspection/Repair

Center and Drag Links Inspection/Repair

Front Axle and Drive Shaft Inspection/Repair


Having your steering and suspension components inspected as part of your vehicle's maintenance routine will help keep your car turning and running smoothly. Contact the expert mechanics at Richard's Garage today.

Local Automtoive Engine Repair and Rebuilding Akron

Automotive Engine Repair and Rebuilding

Our expert mechanics service most makes and models of cars and trucks in Akron and surrounding communities. If your check engine light is on or you are experiencing engine problems contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Engine Repair services include:

General Automotive Tune-Ups

Spark Plugs and Wires Replacement

Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement

Timing Belt Inspection/Repair

Fuel Pump Inspection/Repair

Engine Sensor and Electronic Diagnostics

Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) Value and Vent Filter Replacement

Vapor Canister Filter Replacement

Ignition Module and Coil Pack Replacement

Emission Control System Diagnostics


Local Automotive Mechanic Akron

Even More Automotive Repair Services

We strive to be Akron's one-stop-shop for transmission and automotive repair. If you're experiencing problems with your car or truck, now is the time to schedule an appointment with our certified auto mechanics.


Vehicle Safety Inspections

Replacement of Belts and Hoses

Charging Systems Inspection/Repair

Alternator Service and Repair

Fuel Pump Inspection/Repair

Engine Sensor and Electronic Diagnostics

Automotive Electronics Inspection/Repair


Local Mechanics You Can Trust… Serving Akron Since 1952

Akron area residents and businesses have been trusting all of their automotive and transmission repair needs with us since 1952. We look forward to earning your trust so you can add to our great reviews and keep us as one of Akron's top rated car repair shops. Contact us and schedule your appointment today!


We Offer Services for Domestic:

  • Buick Car Repair
  • Cadillac Car Repair
  • Chevrolet Car and Truck Repair
  • Chrysler Car Repair
  • Dodge Car and Truck Repair
  • Ford Car and Truck Repair
  • GMC Car and Truck Repair
  • Jeep Repair

We Offer Services for Foreign:

  • Honda Car Repair
  • Hyundai Car Repair
  • Kia Car Repair
  • Mazda Car Repair
  • Nissan Car and Truck Repair
  • Toyota Car and Truck Repair

Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers:

  • Two Wheel, All Wheel, or 4x4
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Standard Transmissions
  • Clutches & Flywheels
  • Driveshafts
  • CV and U-Joints
  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance

Automotive Service Association

Automatic Transmission Service Group

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