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You don't stay in the auto repair business for over 60 years without earning the trust and respect of our loyal Akron customers. Every vehicle that comes into our door for service or repair is treated like it's our own. Our ultimate goal is customer service. We will throughly inspect your vehicle's transmission, correctly diagnose the transmission problem and offer a FREE transmission estimate. We do not perform any transmission repair service until you fully understand what the issue is, the nature of the work that is going to be performed, and the total cost of work.


Local Full Service Transmission Service Repair Shop Akron

Full Transmission Service

Transmissions need to be serviced just like other parts of your vehicle. In fact, automotive manufacturers outline when your transmission needs to be serviced and what exactly needs to be done. Here at Richard's Garage our certified mechanics will make sure your transmission runs smoothly by performing this factory schedule transmission maintenance.


Our complete transmission service includes:

Transmission fluid service - removing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid per the specification of the vehicle type.


Cleaning or replacing the transmission screen or transmission filter. If applicable, removing and examining the sump or pan for wear. Then cleaning and reinstalling with a new pan gasket.


Adding a friction modifier and additive package (dependent on make and model).


Our transmission service is a good, cost effective way to keep your transmission running smoothly and is an excellent way to help keep costly repairs from appearing without warning.

Local Automotive Transmission Repair Akron

Automotive Transmission Repair

Before we recommend a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission we take the time to inspect your transmission problem to see if it can be fixed with simple adjustments or by replacing a specific transmission component that has gone bad.


For example: If a solenoid failed or an input shaft broke. We will replace these parts saving you the cost of getting a new (remanufactured) or rebuilt transmission installed.


We offer repairs on automatic transmissions or standard transmissions for most makes and models of cars and light trucks.

Local Remanufactured Transmissions or Rebuilt Transmisions Akron

Remanufactured or Rebuilt Transmissions

When it comes to major transmission problems you have a choice between a rebuilt transmission or a remanufactured transmission. Understanding what each of these are is important to consider when getting transmission service.


Rebuilt transmission - Can be referred to as a refurbished, reconditioned, or overhauled transmission. Basically our certified mechanics remove your vehicle's transmission. Disassemble and inspect it. Replace worn or damaged parts. Then reassemble to factory specifications with new seals, gaskets, clutches, and bands. Once "rebuilt" we reinstall and test for the quality of the repair.


Remanufactured transmission - Can be referred to as a reman transmission. Generally these are the same as rebuilt transmissions except that the work is performed by a 3rd-party, in a factory setting, by skilled specialists of that particular brand of vehicle. The transmission is tested on a dynamometer before packaged up and ready to ship. We take the remanufactured transmission and install it in your vehicle.


Keep in mind that your particular situation - the type of car/truck, the type of transmission failure, the amount of mileage, etc. - will determine which option is right for you.

Local Drivetrain Service and Repair Akron

Drivetrain Service and Repair

Local 4x4 Truck Repair Specialist AkronThe drivetrain includes the transmission, the driveshaft, the CV joints, the differential, the axles, the U-joints and the wheels. In general it takes the power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels to get you where you want to go.


All of these parts get worn or fail over time. Regular inspection is recommended so they can be replaced as needed. We have technicians that are certified drivetrain and transmission specialists ready to assist.

Local Standard Transmission / Manual Transmission Service and Repair Akron

Standard Transmission (Manual Transmission) Service and Repair

Driving a "stick shift" can be a lot fun, but with that comes the need for service and repair. Over time, the clutch will need adjustment, the manual transmission will need to be replaced, as well as the flywheel, disc, pressure plate, and bearings. Richard's Garage can help with your standard transmission problems and keep you in the fun.

Local Commercial Fleet Transmission Service and Repair Akron

Commercial Fleet Transmission Service

If you're a business owner with a fleet of vehicles or a service manager who is in charge of maintenance for a fleet of commercial vehicles. We can help keep you on the road with cost effective complete automotive repair and transmission services.

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Akron area residents and businesses have been trusting all of their automotive and transmission repair needs with us since 1952. We look forward to earning your trust so you can add to our great reviews and keep us as one of Akron's top rated car repair shops. Contact us and schedule your appointment today!


We Offer Services for Domestic:

  • Buick Transmissions
  • Cadillac Transmissions
  • Chevrolet Transmissions
  • Chrysler Transmissions
  • Dodge Transmissions
  • Ford Transmissions
  • GMC Transmissions
  • Jeep Transmissions

We Offer Services for Foreign:

  • Honda Transmissions
  • Hyundai Transmissions
  • Kia Transmissions
  • Mazda Transmissions
  • Nissan Transmissions
  • Toyota Transmissions

Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers:

  • Two Wheel, All Wheel, or 4x4
  • Transmission Fluid Service
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Standard Transmissions
  • Clutches & Flywheels
  • Driveshafts
  • CV and U-Joints
  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance

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